Monday, 10 September 2012

Outfit of The Night | All Time Low Gig

Hi everyone! Long time no speak...

So a couple of weeks ago All Time Low and We Are The In Crowd were playing in Edinburgh. Being my two favourite bands, I had to go and I thought I'd film an outfit of the night for it. I had also just got my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas the day before, so I wanted to wear them straight away!  

not looking impressed haha

                                                            Watch the full video here! :)

We Are The In Crowd (I love Tay!)

All Time Low

We Are The In Crowd

Later that night at a club :)

Thanks for reading/watching! Speak to you all soon ;)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Review | TRESemmé Dry Shampoo

I've used the TRESemmé dry shampoo for a good two years now and it's the only dry shampoo I swear by. I have tried the one by Batiste but found it leaves white residue on my brown hair even when brushed out.

It claims to: "Absorb oil and odour in between washes. The unique formula gives hair a clean look and feel with gorgeous volume, even when you don’t wash it." 

I certainly agree it absorbs the oil although I've never had a problem with smelly hair before so I can't comment on that part but the product itself smells heavenly so I'm sure it would mask any smell your hair did have. It makes hair look refreshed and soft. The "gorgeous volume" claim, I tend to disagree with for most products as I would say you're only getting volume from the product due to rubbing it in with your fingers and slightly messing your hair up a little which would create volume anyway.

The TRESemmé dry shampoo comes in a 200ml aerosol can. I've seen bigger versions when looking online at US websites, but haven't seen it in a bigger size here in the UK shops.

My hair does not tend to get oily very fast. I can get away with not washing my hair for around 3 days. I will use TRESemmé dry shampoo during these in between days though, just to freshen my hair up. I do admit, I can tend to get lazy and 'abuse' this product haha! Any excuse to put off the 20 minute process of drying my long thick hair!

How to use: Shake the product before use and hold it 8-12 inches away from your hair. I like to hold the section of hair up and spray underneath instead of spraying directly on top of your head. Once I've sprayed it, I leave it for a few seconds then rub the product in with my fingers in a vigorous motion. Lastly I brush my hair out and style it how I want.

Overall I would definitely recommend giving the TRESemmé dry shampoo a try, especially for those brunettes out there as I know the white residue left with other dry shampoos can be annoying. It smells good, is relatively cheap and it works, I couldn't really ask for more.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Freshening Things Up

So I came back to this blog after months of not updating it and have rediscovered my love for blogging and reading other beauty guru's blogs as well. 

I really want to start using this blog more often, as well as updating my youtube channel. I keep gaining new subscribers on my youtube but then losing others as well which I think is due to the fact I am so bad at updating regularly! 

I'm also amazed by all these fancy layouts the blogs I follow have and am fed up with the generic one I have at the moment, which brings me to the main point of this post :) 

When I was 12 I had my own website called 'Magical Mix' and I used to design all the layouts myself using paint shop pro but as I got older I lost my interest for web design and moved on. However I still remember how to do everything to make my own layout for this blog so during the next few weeks I will be freshening up the look of this blog then I will update it after that with new ideas I have for posts. 

Thank you to the readers of my blog for the support and here is a little taster of things coming in the  near future so stay tuned ;) 

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lush Review: Oatifix fresh face mask

I was looking for a fresh face mask but didn't know what one to pick, so the girl at Lush recommended the Oatifix one when I told her I had dry skin.

It smells divine!! Like oats, banana and honey.. my rabbit actually sniffed it out and was trying to get a lick at it haha. 

It comes in a 75g tub and was £5.75 which I thought was a lot for a one time use mask but I was very wrong! I've used this very generously three times and theres still at least another three uses left, so very good value for money.

This is me using it for the first time :) Doesn't look very appealing but the result was great.

Oatifix has a very thick texture and you need to work at it to spread the mixture all over your face. 
I will definitely be repurchasing this after it's used up. It made my skin feel very soft and refreshed. 

Lush have a range of different fresh masks for different skin types. These do have a best before date which is the only downside as you need to use it up within a few days. It also has to be kept in the fridge.

Overall I'd give this mask an 8/10 It feels really nice but didn't completely eliminate my dry winder skin although it made it feel softer :)


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