Everything you see on this blog in regards to layout and design were created by myself. All photographs were taken by me unless otherwise stated.

Any products that have been featured on my blog so far, have been purchased by me. In the case of being contacted by a company to feature a product in the future, they will only be reviewed if I genuinely believe in the product. All product reviews on Gillian's Beauty are 100% my honest opinion whether I bought them or not.

To create this blog there have been a few websites that helped me out. I thought I would share these blogs so that they can help anyone else trying to start or update their own blog.

If you are a company wishing to send me products for consideration, please contact me at blueeyesdontliex3@gmail.com

Although Dani has decided to stop her blog, it was the only website I found that had several helpful tutorials and is still useful for tips and tricks.

Katrina has great tutorials whether it be about your blog or tips for photoshop.

This website has great free brushes to use in photoshop that have contributed to my blog design.

Here is where I learned to put the social media buttons on my blog.

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