Thursday, 28 March 2013

✭ Review ✭ Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It

                                Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It 125ml

For Christmas I received the Soap and Glory face scrub and I was instantly excited to try it as I love Soap and Glory products.

When you squeeze a small amount of the product out it's a blue-green colour and smells minty and refreshing. The instructions say to concentrate most of the product on your t-zone area and then spread the remaining scrub on the rest of your face.

Once or twice a week, I like to leave it on for a few minutes longer than usual for it to act as a face mask.

After rinsing the scrub off, my skin feels smooth and rejuvenated. For those of you who didn't know, I have very dry skin especially this time of year and I can get a bit flaky around my nose and forehead area.  This scrub helps with this problem a lot. Although I wouldn't say it gets completely rid of the flakes, I feel a lot more confident after using it and it reduces them dramatically.

I reckon this product will last me a long time because three months later, I'm not even halfway through the tube. I will always adore Soap and Glory and can't wait to try more products of theirs.

What's your favourite Soap and Glory product?

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