Monday, 17 June 2013

Rainbow Cheetah Nails!

I painted my nails this rainbow cheetah pattern a while ago but I thought I would still share it, as I love the way it came out :)

I like how bright and unique they look. A guy at the train station actually asked me if I'd painted my nails like the candy crush game haha.

For the colours I used:

-white: OPI alpine snow
-black: just a regular black nail art pen
-yellow: OPI fiercly fiona
-blue: OPI can't find my czcheckbook
-darker blue: OPI ogre the top blue
-lilac: OPI you're such a budapest
-darker purple: OPI pamplona purple
-pink OPI strawberry margarita

I painted my nails white for the base, then dotted all the colours listed above in a random order. I then took my black nail art pen (can't remember the brand) and drew C shapes around the coloured dots, not being too particular if it looked perfect. Lastly if there was any bare white sections, I added a few black dots here and there to finish off the look. I didn't use a top coat this time because I find even after a night of drying, the top coat still smears the black colour. 
Thanks for reading!

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