Tuesday, 19 November 2013

MAC Holiday Collection 2013 | Stroke of Midnight

Ever since 2011, it's turned into a tradition that I put money away to buy a few things from MAC's holiday collections. I like to get my limited edition MAC things from Selfridges because they usually release them sooner than MAC's website and I can get them before they sell out. As of writing this blog post, everything I show is still available.

So let's take a moment to admire the packaging since that's just as important as the product! This year they've gone with a black, white and gold theme which I think looks very holiday glamorous. I usually prefer silver to gold but I think it ties in nice with the theme. The face palette I bought is a shiny black plastic but I don't think it looks cheap. The other products come in beautiful black satin bags with a gold zipper and a chunky black zip tab that says 'MAC' in gold writing. These make up bags feel so nice and could also double up as a clutch, especially the lip and cheek bag which zips but also folds over with a magnetic popper.

Let's start with the priciest item: the lip and cheek bag which I bought in the colour 'pink'. This version is limited to department stores whereas you can only buy 'coral' on the MAC website. 

This kit will set you back £50. It comes with full sized lipstick, lipgloss, travel blush, brush and a compact mirror.
                                                                    Blush in 'formal'

from left to right: lipstick in 'how darling!', lipglass in 'soft spoken'
and blush in 'formal'
 travel sized brush '129' 
the same brush but the left one is from the 2011 holiday collection
It disappoints me about the holiday brushes as they are not to the standard of the normal handmade brushes. I don't know if the left brush has had more time to fan out, but they don't look like the same brush and it's a let down.
Next up is the face palette in 'cool' £42. It comes with an iridescent powder in 'sparkling rosé', three eyeshadows, two lipsticks and an eyeliner.

1. lipstick 'sublime pleasure' 2. lipstick 'romantically inclined' 3. iridescent powder 'sparkling rosé'
4. eye kohl 'ebony' 5. eyeshadow 'all races' 6. eyeshadow 'scene' 7. eyeshadow 'magic moor' 

Next is the lip bag in 'violet' £32
I think these colours are perfect for winter.

from left to right: lipstick in 'dark deed', the same lipstick but sheered out, lip pencil in 'vino' (permanent) and cremesheen glass in 'art of seduction'.

Last but not least, the eye bag in 'gold', £39.50
                        This set comes with a paint pot, fluidline, mascara and dual ended brush.

'in extreme dimension' mascara 

'genuine treasure' paint pot and 'blitz & glitz' fluidline

when swatched genuine treasure is very sheer but packed with gold glitter, I think it'd look beautiful over a black base. 

 dual ended brush, left side '239' and right side 209

 Love this collection but now I have no money left! haha. I heard about the venomous villain collection coming out next year with but with just malificent this time, so I'll be saving my pennies for that :)


  1. Wow! really cool. do you want to follow each other? Let me know.

    1. hi :) sorry about the late reply but yes I'd love to follow each other, your blog is great! x

  2. A vegetarian from Scotland and a beauty blog?! Love it! Just joined and look forward to following you.

    Will you join my blog?


    1. Yep haha just celebrated being vege for one year and wish I'd started sooner. I've joined your blog! :) x

  3. The packaging is very Gatsby-ish, vintage looking, i love it! i'm heading to london in December and I am looking forwrad to seeing what MAC I can get in duty free, I always miss the holiday collection x

    Kirsty Rockit Style

    1. oh yes duty free is the way to go! :) I hope to go to America one day and buy lots of make up there as it's so much cheaper. Temptalia.com always release the info on mac collections early and selfrides.com usually have it on their website even before mac, so this year you don't have to miss out :) x

  4. very nice review ! i didn't buy anything from this collection because i have spent all my money at Sephora LOL ... very cute blog :) would like to follow each other :) xx

    1. oh wow! I wish the uk had access to sephora...loads of great brands you can't get here! thank you, I've followed your blog :) xx

  5. MAC is too expensive for me haha but collection look really good :D
    Follow each other?
    I'm a beginning fashion blogger check out my blog www.shawsy.blogspot.com

    1. yeah it's getting more expensive each year, it's not fair! haha
      I've followed your blog, I really like it :) x



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